La dolce vITa Support - Scam Alerts Be aware of SEO Spammers !

Maybe you recently received an Email like the one below – SEO Spam.
Looks very legitimate, even kind of Personal because they use your Domain name and they know your main Keyword.
Sorry to disappoint you but these Emails are automated Spam and there is nothing personal at all.

If you are looking for honest, reliable and efficient Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing choose LOCAL.
Look for South African SEO companies with a real People, their own Email addresses, Names and Numbers.
SEO is not only ‘Business’ it is a matter of Trust as well. You are paying a lot of Money for SEO and well of course you want
a Return on your Investment.

SEO is not a once of Procedure it is an ongoing Task ! Do it with a Company you can Trust and that knows your country
specific Market.

SEO Email Spam Example:

Dear Team:

My name is David, and I have been helping companies with their online search engine marketing strategies for over seven years. My team at SEO Extent noticed that you set up a Google Adword™ campaign for the keyword: Your Keyword. This is a great way to immediately increase traffic to your website, but there is an alternative online strategy that is more effective and less expensive that I would like present to you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an online marketing technique that improves your website ( rank in organic search engine results. Organic (non-paid) results are superior to paid results from Google Adwords™ in both traffic and conversion because people trust organic results more. In fact, only 20% of searchers even click on a paid result. Therefore, SEO can provide more traffic at a cheaper cost per click than paying for Google Adwords™.

I hope I have convinced you of the importance of supplementing your online marketing strategy with a strong SEO campaign. My team at SEO Extent has decades of experience in online marketing and a refined SEO strategy that gets results guaranteed*.

To show you how convinced I am that my team can help your company increase traffic to your website while reducing overall online marketing costs, I would like to offer you a detailed SEO SITE ANALYSIS report free of charge.

Please contact me if you are interested in receiving this free report or if you would like further information.

P.S: – This is our marketing strategy to use a Gmail account. Once you reply us back, we will communicate with you through our corporate Email ID.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

BR David