Tips and support by La dolce vITa Cape Town

A few year ago Websites were flashy, colorful and busy. This has changed dramatically. What is good Web Design ?

If you own a business, advertising in your local area is no longer good enough.  It is a fast paced world where people expect  everything quick, easy and simple.  We are always on the go and finding information with just a few clicks is common standard.  The internet is an asset and a business tool rather than a just something you use during past time.

Social media has evolved massively and your Website needs to be connected. Even though the influence of social media and its ability to reach the people all around the world, having a your own solid website is still a necessity.  Social media sites have limitations. With your own Website you present your brand and can give a lot more specific information to your customers.

A website shall give information and entertain the visitor but ultimately it shall produce sales.  It is you who needs to know who are your target clients.

Simplicity Is Key

A good website must be simple. Don’t distract your audience, concentrate on your product, that is why people are coming to your website. Your website shall give your visitors the information they need to know immediately and easy. Information should be prominent on the first pages and not on the last one.

Make your Message very clear

Your visitors need to understand your message clearly and from the first moment. No Blah Blah. Be honest and open that is what customers want and like.

Easy and intuitive Website Navigation

Use Breadcrumbs, HTML Sitemaps and properly organised menus.

Eye pleasing Web design

Don’t overload your Website with irritating and unnecessary stuff. Don’t shock your visitors with a bright colors all over the Website. Choose a font that is easy to read.

Make sure your Website works everywhere

Test your Website on different Browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Then check how you Web Design looks on a Tablet, Smartphone the keyword here is responsive Website Design.