Google is changing and SEO is not a once off task

To make sure people always get the best search results from a search engine the search algorithms are changed permanently.

Your Web presence may be on Google page one today and gone to page two or three tomorrow.

This is in the favour of the daily user who wants to see the most valuable search results. If you are in Cape Town and you are looking for a Restaurant you obviously don’t want to see Johannesburg eateries. Further on you want to see the trending Restaurants and not the run down Pub in a doggy area.

From the quality of a Website one can take conclusions of the quality of service and food. That is what Google and the algorithms do. They look for well maintained, continuously updated Websites and positive responses from customers.

It is important that your Web presence is at any time up to date and your services are loved by customers via Testimonials, Facebook likes, Google+ compliments and mentioned in Tweets.

Our responsibility as your SEO and Webdesign company is to keep you updated, informed and give advice. Our SEO paired with your committment to excellent service and high quality will always keep your business in the top ranks. No matter how the search algorithms change.

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