La dolce vITa explains the basics of SEO

SEO is in everyone’s mouth and mind. But what is SEO ?

The main goal of Search Engine Optimisation is to make sure that your Website is high up in the search results of
search engines like Google and Bing if someone is looking for your Product.

There are many ways to get to this goal, some of them are easy to implement and some of them are very complex.

Search Engines change their Algorithms constantly to optimise the search results for the users. This means Websites have
to adapt permanently as well.

There are basic and standard SEO methods but good SEO has to take local specifics into account. For example in South Africa
a growing number of internet users are using Smartphones. So it is important that your Website is Smartphone compatible.
That is one reason why we at La dolce vITa strongly recommend to use LOCAL SEO Providers who know the specifics of the
South African internet usage and infrastructure.

Have a look at this very good video from Search Engine Land