Webdesign must find exactly the right balance between form and function. This makes sense because web design trends are influenced by technology, the type of devices we use, their performance and which browser we use. However they are also influenced by design principles and philosophies.

The past few years have brought some influencing technological changes and progress:

  • the hugely increasing popularity of mobile devices
  • the introduction of native in-browser 3D support
  • the adoption of HTML5, CSS3
  • increased bandwidth (both on mobile devices and at home)

These technologies all together, have created a major change in web design paradigms. Responsive, mobile friendly, lightweight and lately voice search friendly are the changing factors in the design philosophies.

2018 marks the year when design takes a further step forward towards reality. Reality and technology meet to create a more attractive, convenient and realistically surfing experience.

New(different) Navigation Menus

Top and Sidebar navigation is still found on most websites however more and more new designs are showing new ways of
navigation. Popover, Popup, Hamburger or using the whole page as a menu are some of the trends.

Hamburger Menue

Popover example

New colors – keep it warm and natural

Choosing colors for a website is complicated and influenced by many factors. Corporate guidelines, the industry, color psychology and personal taste are only a few of these factors. There is a clear trend towards nature and warmth – another way to create a more reality
based user experience.

Warm colors design

Images are becoming part of the design – see above

Instead of just showing some square images they are no much more integrated into the design. This is another way to create a more
real digital world.

Card Design

Introduced by Pinterest, Cards are now available all over the web, as they provide information in small snaps that can be easily scanned. Each card represents a specific concept. Their rectangular shape makes it easy to arrange them on different breakpoints.

Card Web Desing

  • No news however still important:
    Quality content


Overall it is clear that Webdesign is trying more and more to create as much reality as possible. A website needs to be appealing and
at the same time functional, fun and easy to use. Certainly responsiveness and mobile friendliness are now standard. The next step is the integration of voice search optimization.